Welcome Dr. Udayakumar Sekaran

Dr. Udayakumar Sekaran joined the Department of Crop and Soil Science at the Malheur Experiment Station as Assistant Professor with research and extension responsibilities in irrigation and soil fertility.

Dr. Sekaran completed his Ph.D. in Soil Science from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India, in 2017. He did his doctoral research on soil test-based integrated nutrient application for pearl millet to increase soil nutrient status, nutrient use efficiency, and crop yield. Before joining OSU, Dr. Sekaran worked as a post-doctoral fellow at South Dakota State University (2017 to 2020) and Clemson University (2020 to 2022). Dr. Sekaran’s research is focused on studying the impact of fertilizer, manure, biochar, tillage, cover crops, crop rotation, integrated crop and livestock systems, and other conservation management practices on soil available nutrient status, organic matter, carbon and nitrogen dynamics, soil protein, biochemical activities, greenhouse gas emissions, water retention and storage, and water quality. He also focused on optimizing irrigation management for various field crops using soil moisture sensors under drip and overhead irrigation systems.