Graduate Student Handbook

The CSS Graduate Student Handbook is designed as a guide toward your degree success. It supplements information found on the Graduate School website and Oregon State University policy statements. It does not include all details of the requirements of the University Graduate School, but provides information on departmental-specific graduate student policies and procedures 



CSS Graduate Handbook - Word Document

CSS Graduate Handbook - PDF



CSS Timetable - Checklist for Ph.D. Students - PDF

CSS Timetable - Checklist for M.S. Students - PDF

CSS Annual Assessment of Graduate Students Academic Progress - PDF

CSS Annual Review Form - Ph.D. Graduate Students - PDF

CSS Annual Review Form M.S. Graduate Students - PDF

CSS Approval Form of Ph.D. Written Exam, Oral Exam, and Research Proposal - PDF

CSS Assessment Form of Graduate Learning Outcomes for M.S./Ph.D. Students for Thesis Defense, Preliminary, and Final Examination - PDF

CSS Evaluation Form for M.S./Ph.D. Graduate Research/Teaching Assistants - PDF