Job Seeking Resources for Soil Science Students

Here are a few of favorites job sites.

  • USAJOBS.GOV: you can find several dozen openings at any time in soil science across the country. The process of creating a profile, filling out a form resume and entering personal data takes several hours to do. But this is where the majority of soil sceince jobs are advertised. 
  • indeed: a job search engine that does know what a soil scientist is.
  • Earthwork Jobs: you have to choose your discipline first, so check out a few.  Most positions are overseas, with a few academic positions scattered about.
  • Higher Ed Jobs: good site for community college and university positions in the US. 
  • Job listings at professional societies: Soil Science Society of America, American Geophysical Union and Ecological Society of America
  • LinkedIn and other social network sites have some sort of traditional word-of-mouth job notice function as well.

Be sure to ask any of the faculty for advice and referrals to creating your future job.